Those Pesky Royals

Val'len looked up from his console as a much younger wolf entered the room and saluted, "Your Highness..."  
"I really wish you people would stop calling me that. The empire hasn't had a ruling monarchy in nearly 40 thousand years." Val'Len interjected and the younger wolf shrugged,

"You are the last prince born of the last ruling house; whether you like it or not, you are still our prince. But I didn't come here to debate politics, it's about your youngest daughter." Val'Len tilted his head questioningly and Xii'Dera also looked up from what she was doing.

"What has she done this time?"  She asked.  
"She's used an exploit in the Arc Net to give herself full root access to every node on every planet." Xii'Dera burst out laughing.
"This may be news to you soldier, but I know of a certain young prince that did exactly the same thing 45 thousand years ago." She cast a sly sidelong glance at Val'Len before continuing.
"Just leave her to it, we'll keep an eye on her."

The two ancients watched as the commander left the room with another salute and another
"Your Highness."  Val'len  snorted, "I was never a very good prince anyway."
"Of course not," Xii'Dera murmured with a grin.  
"You were too busy chasing my tail and playing politics from the shadows and you'd have made an even worse Emperor. A good leader must steer his people from the helm, you're best suited to leading from the shadows."