Whelp, I did it again

Yet another site, yet another software.

Wordpress won't be coming back, at least not on this site. A much as I love it, it's not suitable for what I want to achieve here.
Actually it is, howevewr it has too many bells and whistles, too many buttons and too much potential and I always wind up getting carried away and trying to do too much.

So I've switched to Ghost, Ghost is a blog, just a blog, nothing but a damned blog.

So maybe now I can concentrate on on writing and sharing stuff instead of faffing around trying to make something completely perfect. I also decided to go with Digital Ocean rather than shared hosting.

As Well as the usual benifits, I like playing with command line so there is that and since ghost has just released a major update, there aren't all that many compatable themes so I'm going to stick with the default for now.

I'll leave it here for now, and never forgert; bunnies are evil.